Few teams have done more damage to Arsenal's hopes of late than Liverpool

Despite the alleged 138 million pound bid rumoured to be on the way for Coutinho, Steve Nicol defends Liverpool's decision to keep the Brazilian. Alison Bender and Mark Ogden discuss why Liverpool are struggling to keep their best players. The FC crew debate the questionable offside call that may have played a part in Arsenal's tough defeat at Stoke City. If an enemy's enemy is a friend, Liverpool against Arsenal can seem the friendly rivalry among the Premier League superpowers. The Merseysiders have had more-fractious relations with Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City. The Gunners have seen each of those three raid the Emirates Stadium for players and have a historic foe in Tottenham. They may regard each other as the lesser of the evils. Indeed, when Liverpool beat Chelsea in the 2005 Champions League semifinals, two of the first...

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